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List of Online Job websites in Pakistan

List of Online Job websites in Pakistan

Pakistan, a beautiful place to live in. There are hundreds of resources and marvelous attractions which make this make this country a great place.

Just like many other countries, there is a lot of industries, factories, companies and projects running in Pakistan. They are providing a lot of job opportunities to the people of Pakistan. This helps them to grow and earn a good amount of money. Moreover, the job opportunities help in getting the ‘right job for the right skilled person’. Here is a list of website where people, entrepreneurs or companies put their job opportunities to find the exact employee, based on their skills and expertise.











Why are these online job websites helpful?

Here comes a question that how come a ‘job website’ could be helpful? This is a basic question which arises in mind of a person. So, let’s have a quick overview of the structure of these websites, which is almost common in all of them.

  1. a) Employers Profile

There are national, international and multi-national companies working in Pakistan. All of them are working in different sectors or industries. Their main purpose is to provide people with the best jobs and attain their maximum benefit from their skills. For this purpose, employers need to build a profile page. It includes all of their previous projects and details. Moreover, almost on all job websites, there is a criterion being setup and companies can add their employee requirements for a specific position easily.

  1. b) Employee Profile

Employees or people looking for a job need to be provided with some opportunities. For example, they need to display their previous work examples or whatever they learnt through their education. For this purpose, they need a specific place. The online job websites are the biggest positive place where they can showcase their skills.

  1. c) Job Description

All the companies posting job requirements always have a ‘job description’. This is made available for all those who are looking for a job. They can look at the designation and that is matching with their skills then they can apply for it.

  1. d) Salary Overview

The best thing about these online job portals is that people are able to get a rough overview about the salary. For example, if a person has recently finished their studies then they will be focusing more on work experience or internships instead of focusing on a salary. That’s why refining the jobs is the best thing for them. It gives them an overview of a salary for a published job post. For that, they can decide whether to apply or not.

  1. e) Portfolio Display

Displaying the portfolio is a diamond offer for both employee and employer. The online job portals are helpful in promoting them through a complete highlight on their previous work experience. Moreover, sometimes people get offers from companies outside of Pakistan (whose one office subside in Pakistan) and this is only possible through their complete websites or project portfolios.

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