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List of top 10 Schools in Pakistan

List of top 10 Schools in Pakistan

  1. The International School Of Choueifat

A competitive school and a follower of SABIS Educational system known as ‘The International School Of Choueifat’ is a good approach for kids to learn and develop. They offer highly knowledgeable skills to their students which help in giving them a wide choice in the case of college or university. It started serving students on 15 Sep, 1992. According to a survey, there is an increase of more than 900 students in SABIS network every year.

  1. The City School

It was established in 1978 and is prevailing as the biggest network school in Pakistan. They have more 185 branches in more than 52 cities in Pakistan. There are around 126,000 students of a city school. All of them are provided with the best skilled UK curriculum. This is quite helpful for the students as they want to go for the IGCSE and O, A Level.

  1. Beacon House School System

There are more than 274,000 full-time students in beacon house school system. The motto of BHSS is ‘transformation of civilisation’. It was established in 1975 and is considered as one of the largest network school. They are providing their meaningful educational services to students of different age. Multiple extracurricular activities are being performed in order to polish the skills of their students.

  1. Lahore Grammar School

LGS is performing the most encouraging activities in the highly inspiring atmosphere. It has more than 55 branches throughout Pakistan and it was established in 1979. This school is affiliated with the Cambridge Board and are quite specific about their educational strategies.

  1. Convent School

Since 1873, the convent schools have been established. They are providing students with the best education system and are a better example of changing world requirements. They are quite famous for helping out in the spiritual, social and the physical development. They are the biggest source of teaching respect and self-development.

  1. Sadiq Public School

The best school imparting quality education to the students is known as ‘Sadiq Public School’. It was founded on March 4, 1963. They are providing their services in different cities of Pakistan. Moreover, they have created a border line through their specialised education system which helps in driving students towards learning and motivating themselves.

  1. Burn Hall School.

In 1943, this school was founded first time in Srinagar. Later on, after the partition, the missionaries have moved to the beautiful country Pakistan. Later on, they have established another branch of that school in 1956. They are providing multi-dimensional programs in order to educate students.

  1. Pak Turk School

The Pak Turk School has been conferred with ‘Sitara-e-Eisner’. They are providing their intelligent, challenging and competitive services to students. It’s quite helpful in making their future more bright in a friendly environment.

  1. Foundation Public School

From 35 years, foundation public school has been serving the country. They are providing with best services in educating students and polishing their skills in order to become a successful human being.

  1. BloomField Hall School

This is a school which is considered amongst the top 10 schools in Pakistan. They are performing outstanding activities in order to educate students with the current curriculum prevailing in the market.

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