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Places to Visit in Lahore

Places to Visit in Lahore


Lahore is considered as a heart of Punjab. It is a versatile city and well known because of its heritage. There are many places which one can visit. All of them are famous because of their beauty and a wonderful heritage being possessed by it. Lahore is a very busy city and as per the weather in summer’s it’s like a boiling rock. One should always plan their visits to this city when the weather is a little better in order to avoid any inconveniences. On the other end, this city is filled with beautiful places to visit. Let’s have a quick highlight on some of them.

  1. a) Lahore Fort

Lahore fort is also known as ‘Shahi Qila’. Badshahi Mosque and Shahi Qila are situated in front of each other. It encompasses beauty inside. It comprises of a huge architectural work done by the ancients.

  1. b) Badshahi Mosque

This mosque was built by the Muslim emperor during 1671 and 1673. Mughal emperor Aurangzeb was responsible for all the architecture and uniqueness in the design of this mosque. If we see an overview from all around the world, then this mosque is the second biggest mosque in South Asia. Moreover, if we consider it worldwide, then this mosque comes on 5th number.

  1. c) Shalimar Garden

A Shalimar garden is called as the ‘Mughal garden’ because of the fact that it was built by a ‘Mughal Emperor’. His name was Shah Jehan. This garden was built within a year time and it has always been considered as a wonderful place for a family to visit.

  1. d) Minar-e-Pakistan

A very tall minaret located in the Iqbal Park Lahore is known as the ‘Minar e Pakistan’. It is a complete blend of an ancient and modern architecture. One should visit this place, as there are hundreds of ‘Azadi secrets’ hidden in this place.

  1. e) Lahore Museum

In 1895, a wonderful museum was set up in Lahore, known as ‘Lahore museum’. There is a huge collection of weapons and ancient paintings stuff in this museum. It is a perfect example of arts.

  1. f) Wagha Border

This is a place where the exchange of Pakistan and Indian flag take place every day. Basically, it is a border between the Indian and Pakistanis, which has been maintained for years.

  1. g) Jehangir’s Tomb

Jehangir’s tomb is a place where the Mughal emperor is buried. Jahangir has lived since 1569-1627. His tomb is a living example of the ancient Muslim heritage.


  1. h) Masjid Wazir Khan

This mosque is located in the old city of Lahore. This was built by ‘Wazir Khan’ near the Dehli gate. This is a wonderful and attractive place to be visited. All the walls, roof are full with an attractive artwork.

  1. i) Jinnah Garden

A person visiting Lahore should never forget to visit ‘Jinnah Gardens’. This is also known as the ‘Bagh-e-Jinnah’. This is very famous with the name of ‘garden of gardens’. People enjoy a daily walk and a fresh air in this 140 acres.

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