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UET Lahore

In 1921, UET was established in Mughalpura, Lahore. It was founded as a college at that time. In 1923, it was renamed in order to honour the government of that time i.e. Sir Edward. It was called as ‘Maclagan Engineering College’. In 1962, it was converted in to a charter university and named as ‘West Pakistan University of Engineering’. Later on in 1972, it was again named as UET.

University of Engineering and technology Lahore is providing a tremendous way of learning to its students. They enable them to attain excellence in a glorious way. This university has been built up trust through defining the general core values of global competitions.

Recognize & Reward Merit

UET is well recognized for its standards. They have set a merit for getting admission and achieving a degree. Those who fulfil gets a recognition of UET. They are provided with the best professors and team leaders so that they can learn and educate themselves.

UET has always been an expert in providing students with extraordinary skills. They develop and maintain a mentality of keep on learning from everything. This mindset helps students to achieve a better pace in their life.

Innovation and Creativity as The Basic Values

No doubt, UET is famous for the innovation and creativity which they transfer in their students. There is a passion for research and developing new things. This helps the country to get new engineers and scientists every year.

Playing A Leading Role

UET, as a private university has always been a leading role player. There are different faculties which are offering hundreds of courses for students of almost every category.

Moreover, it is not specifically for the students who are based in Lahore. There are outsiders from other cities or even countries too. They can get admission in any course If they are eligible according to the criteria of the university.

Quality Research & Openness in academic dealings

Along with education, there is always a need to do some research work. It’s mandatory in order to get any degree. This not only helps university to judge the understanding and skills of their students but through this way students get a chance to experiment their learnings. This is a great way of doing quality research.

The best thing about UET is that they have pre-defined all of their rules. For example, they have a specific policy for the admission of their students. Not only that, they have a process of students enrolment. There are fabulous plans which are being used for this purpose. All of them have a basic objective i.e. to give maximum students the service of engineering and technology. To grow their knowledge and generate engineers for the country.

UET has a plan that by 2020 they will increase the number of PHD teachers. The ratio will be raised to 70%. Moreover, UET has planned that by 2030 they will be having 100% PHD lecturers. This is not only to showcase an image of the university but all the PHD will be able to help students according to their personal experience and research work.

UET has growing plans for the bright future of students. They not only think about today but they already planning what should be upcoming. This is a great way of educating a nation. This is the biggest achievement of this university as compared to other. They not only focus on passing out engineers but giving extraordinary professionals who can help the country to achieve a strong place in the world.

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