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University of Karachi

University of Karachi

UOK is the abbreviation being used for the university of Karachi. It is considered as one of the biggest university of Sindh. It is located in Karachi and comprised of students in almost every category. This university is considered as a bit different as others and this is due to some features which we going to discuss over here;

This versatile university was found in October 1950.It was a reaction of the act which was passed in ‘Parliament of Pakistan’ i.e. ‘there was a need to improve the quality of education in Pakistan’. According to ‘The -QS World University Rankings’ made in 2008, UOK was ranked among top 500 universities. Moreover, nowadays it is considered amongst the top three universities of Pakistan.

Federal to Provincial University

The university of Karachi was established as a federal university but with the passage of time it was being felt that there is a need for a university which should be acting on the provincial level. For this reason, the status of this university was changed to Sindh province university.

Huge Library & Vast Campuses

More than 1200 acres are being comprised by the university of Karachi. This is the reason that there is a separate campus for almost every faculty. It helps in giving education to a maximum number of students. Moreover, there is a very advanced and big library being found in this university. It is considered as the biggest resource for students who want to educate themselves with the latest technology.

Co-education Helps in Building Confidence

The university of Karachi has a co-education system. The best thing about it is that it is a very good approach in building self-confidence and self-esteem in students. They are left with the learning of moral values and it is certainly a very advanced approach being used by this university.

Project Planning & Deliveries

All students of almost every course are being assigned with tasks like ‘projects, projects planning and their deliveries’. Professors help their students to go through the research process. It is a great way of researching on almost every topic.

Advanced Tools & Techniques Being Used

Computers and laptops are the biggest assets of students in this era. They need to work out and resolve their issues in the maximum possible time. For this reason, they are provided with the internet facility and computer systems in ‘computer labs’. Students can avail this opportunity and surf their time in achieving something good in their life.

Talented Entrepreneurs Are Being Raised

No doubt that the university of Karachi always admire talent. On the other end, it does help students with some weak background. The professors not only helps students to acknowledge their studies, but they help them to learn the most professional approach from their studies. It is a great way of making standing entrepreneurs in the market.

Fee Structure & Examinations

The fee structure of the university of Karachi is very simple. All the courses fee are taken at the start of the semester. It helps in making the further account procedure become easier for sake of students. Not only that, the examination fee is also charged in advance. It helps in making students perform in their exams and help them in getting good grades by working hard.

Thus, UOK is a great asset for the country i.e. Pakistan. Students from all around the Pakistan come to Karachi only to study in a professional environment.

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