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Edhi Foundation Pakistan

Edhi Foundation

There are many Humanitarian organisations working in Pakistan for the welfare of the people which deserve a mention. These organizations have been working relentlessly for the benefit of people in various fields over a long period of time and one such organization which we would be speaking about today is the Edhi foundation.

As we mentioned above, The Edhi foundation has been working from years and the year in which it was founded was 1951. The services of the organization are quite wide spread in Pakistan with their hub being in Sindh and Karachi.


The Edhi foundation was founded by Abdul Sattar Edhi and his wife, Bilquis has also equally participated in the organisation to provide the various services which they provide on a regular basis.

Focus of the Organization:

While the organization provides humanitarian services in various fields, but some of the key focus areas of the organization are:

  1. Emergency services: Emergency services constitute of ambulance services in times of emergency as well as helping the victims of terrorist attacks or natural calamities which ensures that they are able to get attention quickly.
  2. Orphan Services: The organization also provides rehabilitation of the orphans and also the handicapped persons as well.
  3. Shelters: During times of emergencies and otherwise, it also provides shelter to people.
  4. Blood donation camps: The organization often arranges blood donation camps in various parts of Pakistan to make sure that in times of calamities, blood is available for the people who need it.
  5. Air Ambulance: At times when help is needed in the remote areas, they also provide the air ambulance services in various parts of Pakistan to ensure that the people in the remote areas are provided proper healthcare facilities.

Method of garnering resources:

The Edhi foundation is a non profit organization and continuously garners it resources from donations as well as grants from the affluent class as well as the common people in Pakistan.

History of the Organization:

The organization has spread over the years and when the organization was started, it was just run in a single room but over the years it has spread out more and now boasts of over 300 centers in the entire country. The organization is spread not just in the urban centres but it has considerable amount of rural presence as well which ensures that it is able to provide the humanitarian aid even the remote areas as well. The foundation also provides healthcare services in 8 different hospitals across the country which ensures that they are able to cater to patients from all strata of the society and provide them with quality healthcare.

It also has a 4 bed cancer hospital facility as well to provide cancer related treatments to people who are suffering from cancer but are not able to afford the traditional treatment.

There are very few organizations around the world, which are not only providing good humanitarian services but also are expanding their footprint in their geographical areas and Edhi foundation is one of them.

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