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List of Online Property Website in Pakistan

List of Online Property Website in Pakistan

Selling property online is a big headache. It involves so many steps and inquiries that a person gets frustrated quickly. Thus, nowadays there have been a lot of platforms being made for people. Through them, they can advertise their property and easily make a sale. Let’s have a quick overview on some of them.


If we call lamudi an ‘online real estate marketplace’ then it will not be wrong. They are providing their operations in more than 32 different countries. They are providing best services to a buyer of a property and the seller of a property. Moreover, it is a great way of getting in contact with the agents who are selling different properties in Pakistan. This is quite useful because it helps in saving the time. Moreover, if a person is living abroad and wants to buy a property in Pakistan then they can do it without any hesitations.


Yet another top rated website which is serving people to buy and sell their property online is called as zameen.com. It is called as a database of properties. Moreover, people who are looking to buy or sell or even rent a property they can get a detailed advertisement as per their search. The pictures of the property will be helpful in giving a rough idea about it. This helps in finding the right thing in minimum time.


Localads.pk is free classified website with lot of property ads and updated on regular basis. Latest property ads about recent project and good ranking with daily users. This website is free to use and lot of ads to explore the website.


Olx.xom.pk is called as a free classified website. They are famous for the opportunity of advertisements and resourceful elements which are made available to the customers.

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This is considered amongst the top property selling websites because of its features. Just like other, it is a great approach in property matter. There are many guarantees and benefits which a person can avail.

All of the above websites are a great approach to buying selling or renting properties. But here a question arises that why one need to do it? What’s the reason behind it? Thus, this is a great way of saving the time and having a quick overview of the property through online images. All of these images are high quality and a person can go through them. Morover, there is an estimated price in mind of everyone. For example, a person is looking for a property which is which is having a value of ‘1 million’. Moreover, he wants it to be the area of ‘Lahore or Karachi’ then he will select the filter. Then only the properties which are made available in these two cities will be coming in form of a list. If a person wants then he can overview them one by one. On the other hand, the list can be minimized more by applying more filters. If a person wants to set the viewing then they can message the agent on the advertisement and they can confirm a booking time. Through that time slot, they can overview the property and decide if they are interested in settling in the property.

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