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Quid e Azam University Islamabad

Quid e Azam University Islamabad

This university was founded in 1977, in the capital of Pakistan i.e. Islamabad. In start it was offering only post graduate programs but with the passage of time i.e. in 1980 it started offering various courses. It became an interdisciplinary university which is around 1700 acres wide.

QAU is one of the best universities in Pakistan. Many people call it as a pride of the country. It has provided doctors, engineers, scientists, educators and professionals. Its vision is to provide the best education to students on an affordable price. The best thing about this university is that it is educating students from all around the world. There is none kind of differentiation being made in students of the same country or with multiple faith. The standard of education is quite high and equally competitive with the international world. Moreover, there are some research related programs being held in the university. They help students to learn and educate themselves with the best of knowledge. In shorts, QAU is a big resource in providing a knowledge base economy system to the students.

Undergraduate & Post Graduate Programs

QAU is offering the undergraduate and the postgraduate programs to its students. These programs are properly outlined. There is a complete course outline being provided to students and teachers which are helpful in giving a quick overview in the start of every semester. Moreover, there is a 4-month short semester system being offered. It helps in dividing all the credit hours and students can avail the benefit of studying all the courses in one, two, three or four years.

Library Is the Biggest Treasure for Students

QAU has a very rich library. Books from almost all the authors are made available to the students. They can not only come to the library to get benefited from it, but they can borrow the books and study them by issuing it through the librarian.

Admission Policy Is Straight and Simple

The best thing about QAU is that it only offers admissions on merit base. There is a specific criterion being made for the selection of students. They are first being tested and those who pass the exam are then forwarded to the next level i.e. interview. Later on, students from the successful interviews get a list of names being displayed and then they can submit their fees and enjoy their study.

Transport Facility for Students

QAU has its own bus facility. The provide all male and female students with the facility of buses. Whether one is living in Rawalpindi, Islamabad or wah Cantt everyone can travel within a distance and according to the route and bus timings.

Students Accommodation Facility

QAU has its own hostels. Those students who live far away and can not afford to come to the university from quite far every day, they can avail it and enjoy the hostel life too.

Statistical Reports of Student Performance

In every semester, students performance is being analyzed. There is a proper reporting being done. It is for the sake of students. This gives them an overview of their current performance and gives a chance of improvement.

Examination System Is Very Simple & Fair

The examination system of QAU is simple and fair. There is none kind of strategies being used to push students backwards. Moreover, QAU is trying to build students confidence to stand as an entrepreneur in the market.

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