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Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre

Cancer is spreading all around the world and more and more patients are getting affected by it and that is why, it is important that affordable cancer treatments are needed to be more accessible and one such research centre which we would be speaking about is an affordable Cancer research centre which provides affordable treatment. One of the most prominent hospitals in Pakistan when it comes to cancer treatment is Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre.

The hospital has over 600 beds which ensure that there is always plenty of capacity for proper treatment and the hospital was founded in 1994 and has been surveying hundreds of patients each and every month since.

According to the hospital authorities, most of the patients which are being treated are being treated for completely free which ensures that people from all strata of the society are able to get affordable healthcare. The funding of the hospital comes from various donations from corporate as well as the normal public which ensures that the hospital is always able to provide proper healthcare to the patients.

The hospital since then has also expanded to the city of Peshawar which provides affordable healthcare as well and the hospital is expected to be fully functional by end of 2015 and would have over 1700 doctors.


The hospital consists of various departments which ensures that proper healthcare is always provided:

  1. Medicine department
  2. Paediatric department
  3. Radiation department
  4. Pathology department
  5. Nuclear department
  6. Nursing department
  7. Anaesthesiology department

All these departments work in complete synchronisation to provide some of the best healthcare to the patients at the most affordable cost.

As the name of the hospital suggests it also does cancer research which ensures that breakthroughs are made possible and for this it gets grants from various corporate as well to come with research which would help in the treatment.

Research work:

Currently, the research work spans across 3 different departments which we would be highlighting below:

  1. Molecular biology: This department helps in devising newer and newer treatments with the help of latest changes in the molecular structures and treatments at a molecular level.
  2. Clinical Trials: This research ensures that proper research is carried on, on the new treatments to ensure that they are able to produce the desired results.
  3. Epidemiology: This department tries to discover the exact causes of cancer, so that it can be pre vented to a certain extent in the future.

The hospital is trying to find ways in which diagnosis and prognosis can be made quicker to achieve the desired results without any delays to save more lives in patients suffering from cancer.

So far the hospitals has been able to save countless lives at nominal cost at its various branches in the country and with further impetus on research, it sure seems to be heading towards the noble way of providing affordable healthcare to even people who are not able to afford it.

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