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Top group of Companies in Pakistan

Top group of Companies in Pakistan

There are a different group of companies who are serving in Pakistan. All of them have different job responsibilities and services. They are doing their best in order to make Pakistan a stable and successful state. On the other end, they are using their business ideas to generate revenue for themselves and be a part of the strong economy. Let’s have a quick overview on some of them. It will be helpful in giving an insight about them.


The Nishat Group: You might have heard about Nishat group; it is one of the biggest groups in Pakistan. It was founded by Mian Muhammad Mansha. If we go into the history then we can see that top business houses which are specifically located in Pakistan, rank Nishat group on top. If we talk about the current assets, then they are surprisingly  over Rs.300 billion. On the other end, if we talk about US$ then their assets are around 5 billion.


The Jang Group: Jang group, yet another largest business groups which are specifically located in Pakistan. If we talk about their assets, then they are 10 top newspapers which are owned by them. Moreover, they are running a multi-billion-rupee business, which is known as the GEO TV project. This is held by Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman, along with him Mir Khalil’s brainy son is also working on it with him.


The Hashoo Group: Hashoo Group, a famous business group was founded by very well known Mr Saddaruddin Haswani. They have been serving in the field of hotel industry from a very long period of time. The other categories on which they are working are technology, property, travel and tourism etc.


The Packages Group: The Packages group, another famous group of companies located in Pakistan is quite famous in the sectors of the textile, dairy, very well known sector of agriculture and rice. It was basically formed in 1956.

The House of Habib:  Seth Habib Mitha was the founder of ‘The House Of Habib’. He had been performing a lot of activities in different sectors of Pakistan in order to bring the monetary and economic situation in Pakistan to become stable.

Thus, all of the big groups of companies are performing in different sectors. They are trying to provide Pakistan with the maximum facilities and generate their own earning through these profitable businesses. This is true that every year they generate a huge amount of profit through these multiple businesses.

The best thing about these big group of companies is that they introduce different services in sectors of Pakistan and on the other end it is a quite helpful for the economy of Pakistan i.e. a lot of jobs have been created through it. Moreover, the ratio of unemployment reduces through the variety of jobs being created by them. On the other end, people who are looking for facilities like banking, construction, travelling etc. are able to get facilitated. These group of companies are playing their role very well in taking Pakistan out of the tag of ‘Third World Countries’.


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