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Top Ten News Channel In Pakistan

Top Ten News Channel In Pakistan


This world is a global village where media is having results more harmful than an atomic bomb. In 1973, the Pakistani media was given full freedom of reporting. They were made responsible for highlighting all sort of issues. Let’s have a quick overview of the top ten rated channels.

  1. Geo News:

Geo news is considered as the top news channel because of the tv programs like capital talk, hum sab umeed say hain, khabarnaak, nayya Pakistan and much more. This is basically owned by the Jang group and was formed in 2002.

  1. Samaa Tv:

In the month of December in 2007, there was a live transmission service provided by SAMAA TV. They came in the market with a different tagline/slogan i.e. ‘Sansani nahi sirf khabrain’. They become quite famous after coming in the market due to its programs like tafteesh, tonight with jasmeen, meri kahani meri zubani etc.

  1. Express News:

Express news was founded in Lahore in 2008. The ‘Daily Express Urdu Newspaper’ is the owner of ‘express news’. On January 1, 2008 they came with a new slogan i.e. ‘Har Khaber Par Nazr’. They came with famous programs like ‘The maya khan show, kal tak, siyah sufaid etc’ and they become the biggest charm for the success of this news channel.

  1. Ary News

In September 2004, a different channel with the name of ‘ARY NEWS’ was launched, which is now considered as a top news channel. This is the only channel which is available in English and Urdu both languages. Moreover, the purpose of Ary News is to provide the immediate news. They have many famous programs like 11th hour with waseem Badami, saray aam, off the record with kashi abbasi etc’. All of them have always been a great hit.

  1. Dunya News

Dunya news is owned by Mian Amer Mehmood. It has been a successful news channel because of the extraordinary program services which it is providing. It is operated by National communication services PVT ltd. Its head quarter is in Lahore and they have been using a very famous slogan for themselves i.e. ‘Khabar ki dunya’. The most famous programs of Dunya News include mazaaq raat, nuqta-e-nazar, peyam-e-subh etc.

  1. Dawn News

In May 2007 this news channel gets started. It is a Karachi based channel which is providing its news services to entire Pakistan. This is an interesting news channel who is running their news activities with the slogan of ‘Raat Din Saat Din’. They have at of famous programs being running but fakir’s kitchen, raid and khabar say khabar have been a hit.

  1. AJJ News

On 23 March 2005 defence day of Pakistan there was a news channel being launched which is named as ‘Ajj News’. It is owned by the business recorder group. The best thing about Ajj news is that their head office is also based in Karachi and they are providing the most entertained news to their audience. They have dedicated this channel to people of Pakistan. For this reason, the slogan was set as ‘Pakistan ki awaz’. The most successful programs of this channel are AAJ Rana Mubashir Kay Sath, Bolta Pakistan, Islamabad Tonight and BBC Sairbeen.

  1. Abb Takk

This is a newly growing news channel. It was launched in 2013 and is part of APNA network. This is also a splendid channel providing the best news and services to people of Pakistan. It’s also a Karachi-based channel.

  1. News One

27 Nov 2007 there was a new voice being launched which was named as ‘news one’. This channel is owned by the ‘Air Wave Media’ and its slogan is ‘Sach ki lagan’. They have won the hearts of hundreds through it. They have many upfronts and quite famous programs which include live with Dr shahid masood, tonight with jasmeen, 10pm with nadia mirza and pasay parda.

  1. 92 News

The first Urdu language HD tv is known as ’92 news’. It was launched in 2015. It is winning the heart of people throughout Pakistan through its special slogan i.e. Ba Khabar, Ba Wasooq.

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